Dr. Tom Sexton
Founder/Director of
Five Star Christian Ministries,
Pastor of
Gulf Coast Baptist Church,
Cape Coral, Florida


Five Star Christian Ministries

Five Fold Purpose

1. Publishing the Gospel
“...the gospel must first be published among all nations”
• Publishing gospel tracts in many languages
• Helping local churches have an international tract ministry

2. Preparing Christian Leaders
“...the same commit thou to faithful men...”
• Organizing pastors’ conferences home and abroad
• Establishing Bible schools and institutes worldwide

3. Training & Equipping Lay People
“For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry...”
• Equipping people to serve in local church ministries
• Training local churches in Five Star Christian Leadership

4. Developing Gospel Crusade Teams
“...we are labourers together with God”
• Developing teams to work together in helping pastors
• Sending Gospel Crusade teams around the world

5. Producing Christian Literature
“...continue thou in the things which thou hast learned...”
• Producing quality literature to be used in church ministries
• Staying true to the fundamental doctrines of our faith

    These foundational truths produced the great Five-Star Churches of the past. Our goal is to help Christians worldwide stay “all at it, always at it.” Become a Gospel Crusader, join us in making “His mission, our mission.”

First Gospel

Crusaders Video

The Lord Jesus said,
“...The hour is come...”

Our time has come, and we have been given this moment of opportunity to serve Christ and touch the lives of people. The world is waiting to hear the Gospel.

Five Star Christian Ministries is a channel between a waiting world and a loving God, between the Great Source and the great need. Our mission is His mission – to help missionaries and churches around the world.

Come let us labor together with the Lord in this day of great opportunity.